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We always work hard to exceed the expectations of our clients. Whether it's a homeowner experiencing issues with their indoor climate, a business owner requiring his facility or products remain temperature controlled, or a builder looking to architect the necessary mechanical systems of a proposed structure in the blueprint stage.

We opened our doors in 2007 and have built our business around our namesake and company focus. We will work with you through every phase of your job, from consulting & upgrade planning, to design, sales & installation, as well as ongoing support. Our methodology, work ethic, and attention to detail has proven to be a model for success in keeping our customers loyal, as well as bringing DERNOOK HVAC/R to the forefront of the HVAC/R service industry in KSA.

The company's ethics are totally linked and associated with the company's business mission and vision. Therefore the ethics of the company is to strive towards our customers’ requirements and to be totally honest and reliable in all aspects of the company's work, dress, appearance, appeal, products that are being supplied, and to be totally professional at all times.

DERNOOK HVAC/R has gradually grown to be the preeminent designer, supplier, installer, servicer and repairer of Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC/R). We focus on international quality air-conditioning and refrigeration units for industrial, commercial and residential use.

DERNOOK HVAC/R offers fully comprehensive and progressive HVAC/R solutions for clients in the Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Governmental and High-rise Residential Sectors.

DERNOOK HVAC/R is a privately owned enterprise with a tradition of excellence in selling, installing, and maintaining climate control and mechanical systems. We are fully licensed and insured to provide high level support to our customer base, which ranges from residential, commercial, and industrial accounts. We have expertise in supporting systems from all manufacturers, and consistently train our staff to stay up to date on all new products and services in our industry.

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