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DERNOOK HVAC/R is headquartered in Dammam, EP. We maintain the majority of our residential customer base from West of Arabian Gulf to the Red Sea borders. Our footprint expands beyond that for commercial and industrial work.

We are available for support requests 24/7. Our objective is to offer on-site support within 24 hours to new customers, with priority service reserved for our existing and contract clientele.


  • Mini Split Units.
  • Package Units.
  • Central Split Units.
  • Chilled Water Systems.
  • Concealed Units.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts.

DERNOOK HVAC/R is a unique organization that has developed a true proactive approach to HVAC/R maintenance which includes providing our service technicians with the appropriate amount of time to effectively perform all required maintenance tasks to keep your system efficient, reliable, substantially reduce costly breakdowns and extend its life expectancy.

We believe it is not reasonable to service equipment on a minimal basis with the intent of making a profit on an emergency call due to equipment failure. This traditional form of reactionary HVAC/R maintenance has shown to increases a facility’s owning and operating costs while being unpredictable and difficult to budget for.

 DERNOOK HVAC/R utilizes a computerized tasking system which records, stores and provides us with the information we need to perform the proper maintenance tasks for your system. Our service representatives have access to the best technical support and training, and we have national account purchasing power for parts, materials, equipment and supplies. 

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