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  1. ​Indoor Air Quality: Healthy: as a result of the aluminum facings, the pre-insulated duct achieves maximum hygiene.· Clean: Since the air is in contact with aluminum, it doesn’t lose particles with air like GI sheet.· The aluminum is much easier to clean than GI sheet.
  2. Load Loss: Healthy: as a result of the aluminum facings, the pre-insulated duct achieves maximum hygiene.· Total ruggedness: K=0.025· When using pre-insulated duct and applying the standard calculation chart, there is no need for correction factor.
  3. Thermal Insulation: The Polyisocyanurate rigid foam (PIR) is closed cell.· The best thermal insulation: K= 0.021 W/(m°K)· Homogeneous insulation throughout the installation.· Mediate the condensation drop
  4. Acoustic Behavior: Its acoustic behavior is comparable to GI sheet metal., so it is designed with the same approaches.
  5. Sealed Lengths: The system doesn’t use mechanical lengthwise unions.· The ducts are built up to 4m length.· All the faces are glued lengthwise, sealed with silicone to interior angles and aluminum tape for the exterior.· The system makes it practically impossible for any lengthwise leakage.
  6. Sealed Cross Joints: The system used for cross joints is with the help of invisible flanges connected with PVC H bayonet.· Male / female cross joint may be used.· The PIR rigid foam allows cutting male / female joints with a perfect union among two pieces.· The male / female cross joints are glued using aluminum tape for the exterior cross joint fit each 3m or 4m depending in the length of the panel.· Both systems drastically reduce the number of cross joints and the possibility of leakage and drop condensations.
  7. Mechanical Resistance: The ducts built with the pre-insulated panels resist the very high levels of pressure.  Panel of 20mm thickness: 1100 Pascal (Interior Use)  Panel of 30mm thickness: 1400 Pascal (Exterior Use)· Once built, the ducts and pieces acquire a great resistance and rigidity.
  8. Impact Resistance: PIR duct is light, but very resistant.· If it is installed outdoor, it should be protected from the meteorological inclemency such as rain, hail and wind.· Protection from rain and hail will be easily accomplished by applying a special paint.· Protection from wind is accomplished with appropriate supports.
  9. Long-Life Materials: The Pre-insulated panel is composed of two materials:i) Pure embossed aluminum foil which gives external protectionii) PIR rigid foam that yields internal insulation· Both materials resist alteration and aging as time passes by and they do not suffer any environmental corrosion.
  10. Weight: Light, but very resistant: panel of 20mm thickness: Weight 1.25 ± 0.02 kg/m2Panel of 30mm thickness: Weight 1.60 ± 0.03 kg/m2· It is equal to 1/6 of the weight of the sheet metal (GI) duct without insulation.· Easy to transport, handle, build and install.· Economy of support: each one comes in 3m or 4m in length unlike GI.
  11. Dimension and Shape: Thanks to the qualities and characteristic of the pre-insulated panels, the duct can be fabricated in virtually any shape, form, and measures.· You can get any dimension and shape that you need either by using the CNC machine or manual cutting.
  12. Easy to Build: Ducts are usually built from four separate faces (strips) of 3m or 4m of length.· The strips are cut 45 degrees lengthwise on both sides.· The system allows standardized measures.· The system allows fabricating a stock of strips to meet future demand.
  13. Standards and Regulations: The ducts built with the Pre-insulated panels conform to most international regulations and standards.
  14. Competitive Final Price: The pre-insulated panels are considered the next generation material to replace the traditional sheet metal (GI) duct with insulation.· Pre-insulated Air Duct Systems yield the best quality-price relation in the market.